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What's all the buzz about?

       Amish Bee Traps thwart the 'boring bee.' The Carpenter Bee that is, not the honey bee or bumble bee. We love those. The Amish Bee Traps won't attract those varieties.

       That loud, large buzzing Carpenter Bee is ridiculously good at making a nest in your wood structure by boring a hole in the wood and then laying eggs in that hole. Next up on mother Nature's movies show is the woodpecker loves those holes and pecks and pecks at those eggs. The woodpecker is very organized and can make a neat line all the way along a log or piece of wood  effectively destroying your home ,barn, or other building.

       Why are they called carpenter bees anyway? They destroy all the hard work a good carpenter has created...

What to do?

       Amish Bee Traps are an inexpensive yet effective preventing damage from Carpenter Bees.

Here's how to foil their destructive abilities:-

       The Amish Bee Trap mimics a standard nest.

       The beautiful pine traps attract the lazy Carpenter Bees with their specific sized diameter holes drilled into the wooden base ( which are angled upward as this shuts off the light source once the bee is inside the trap) and offer an invitation to the bee to come inside and take up residence . No effort required. come on in and enjoy a warm Amish Bee Trap welcome.

       Once inside the Bee Trap the Carpenter Bee realizes that this is no not the best resident for its nesting activity and it tries to leave. Naturally, it heads for the light, Which the Amish Bee Trap happily provides via the glass jar at the bottom of the trap.

       The Amish Bee Traps has now successfully set up the bee's demise, as the bee cannot escape. This rogue, the Carpenter Bee, cannot fly upwards or return to the box of the traps. As an added bonus the death of the bee results in a pheromone releases which attracts other Carpenter Bees to the trap. They just can't help themselves. Nature at its finest!

       Eco-friendly Amish Bee Traps not only work brilliantly but they require no chemicals or bait.

Ready to keep your beautiful Home ,Barn, or Buildings Beautiful?